Friday, January 8, 2010

Havih Art

Kutchi lipan work is an ancient mural art of kutch.It used to be done into huts to decorate it.The material to do this work was cow-dung,horse-dung,clay etc.But now the material has been modified according to the convience and availiblity.It is also known as Kutchi Mud Work.This work is very popular amongst interior designers and architectures as it gives a very ethnic and an exclusive look.

Havih Art
masters this Kutchi lipan Work and
take orders according to the required size and also gives you its experienced suggetion for more exclusive look of your place.

Havih Art
also conducts Two Days Workshop once in a month so that more and more people can know and learn this Traditional art of Kutch.

For Details: Vaishali Thacker
Call: (91) 9870117066


  1. naani frame(lippan) nu su che??

  2. I am looking for these tiles for my house in Chennai. Can you please inform me about the size and price of the tiles. Then i will calculate the number of tiles that I require. Also, can you arrange to ship,the required tiles to,my Chennai residence?
    Awaiting your response,
    Meera Rajagopal